Hi HeroXers,

Thank you for your support throughout our Visioneering 2018 process.  Below is an update of the winners, but first—we need your help to make the Visioneering process even better.  Please take our short survey here.  Please complete your feedback by no later than Sunday, November 25th.  And please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and stay tuned for many more opportunities to get involved with XPRIZE moving forward!

Read on to see the winners in each Grand Challenge Area.  And a special congratulations to Team Coral Survival for receiving the designation of Top Prize Design for 2018!  Team Coral Survival pitched a prize where the Winning Team Will demonstrate the highest number of surviving young coral across a 1 square kilometer area after a 2-year field trial.

In the other Grand Challenge Areas, the winners are as follows:

  • Feeding the Next Billion: Soilless Agriculture
    • The winning team will be the first to create a healthy daily diet for 100 people for 100 days in 1 closed soilless system.
  • Natural Disaster Prediction: Gaia Alert
    • The winning team will predict 30 consecutive earthquakes with 6 and above magnitude, and with the longest lead time, of at least 2 minutes.
  • Off-Grid Energy Access: emPOWER
    • The winning team will create a 500 watt home energy system that powers the largest number of valuable appliances for $1/day.
  • Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty: Xponential Farmers
    • The winning team will develop a virtual marketplace and autonomous transport solution that carries a 300kg load of fresh produce to a buyer’s doorstep 200km away within 6 hours of harvesting.

We also awarded the People’s Choice award (for the most votes received in our online campaign) to:

  • Ride the Eye
    • The winning team will develop the most accurate and affordable unmanned system able to measure the key environmental and geo-location data from the eyewall of a Category 3 hurricane and transmit it hourly for at least 5 days.

Looking ahead to Visioneering 2019, a lively debate at the event helped to determine what prize design concepts would be developed for next year. A prize design concept targeting Carbon Extraction was voted the winner for most promising Visioneering 2019 prize design concept. Other prize design concepts included those focused on Curing Autoimmune Diseases and Happiness, among others.

Please visit xprize.org/visioneering to learn more.

Lastly, we want to shout a huge thank you to YOU, the community that has made Visioneering 2018 such a resounding success.  Thank you for your passion, your engagement and for your desire to be active participants in making the world a more abundant place. 


Warmest wishes,

Your XPRIZE Family