Canadian Health and Fitness Institute


The Healthy Selfie Challenge

Let's Get Canadians Moving Again! We are on a mission to make Canada the FITTEST nation on earth by 2030.

Challenge Overview


Most of the demands in today's world encourage more and more sedentary behaviour... Meme'ing and streaming cultures alongside hectic work schedules and ever-evolving technologies all contribute to more time spent indoors and sitting down, and less time spent outside and upright. As a result, physical, mental, and spiritual health is deteriorating at an alarming rate. The Canadian Health and Fitness Institute (CHFI) is on a mission to reverse this trend! 


The Challenge

The Healthy Selfie Challenge invites you and other innovators to:

  • provide your proposal to reverse these trends and get Canadians more physically active;
  • profile your ingenuity on a world stage;
  • win a trip to Vancouver, BC to meet renowned advocates of health and fitness; and
  • join our network of champions who will together achieve CHFI’s Vision, to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030.”

How to Win

  • Click on "SOLVE THIS CHALLENGE"  above to sign up for the challenge 
  • Send us your Healthy Selfie video
  • Follow CHFI and HeroX and post your feed on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • Tag your friends in your post  and get them to like the video
  • Write us about what it means to be “healthy” and what is your idea to help CHFI fulfill its mission



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