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The Healthy Selfie Challenge

The Healthy Selfie Challenge

We are on a mission to make Canada the FITTEST nation on earth by 2030.
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Challenge Overview

Starting Line-Up:

Most of the demands in today's world encourage more and more sedentary behaviour... Meme'ing and streaming cultures alongside hectic work schedules and ever-evolving technologies all contribute to more time being spent indoors and sitting down, and less time being spent outside and upright. As a result, physical, mental, and spiritual health are deteriorating at an alarming rate. The National Health and Fitness Institute (NHFI) is on a mission to reverse this trend! 

Innovators will be tasked with providing ideas on how to shift these unhealthy behaviours to ones that embrace a more active and healthier lifestyle, so Canadians can pull together and create a healthier version of themselves and their fellow Canadians. In order to do this, innovators will need to understand the motivators of certain unhealthy behaviours, and figure out how to encourage people to make choices that support overall long-term health.


The Setup

The "Healthy-Selfie" Challenge will be multi-phased, with the first phase consisting of innovators recording a selfie video to provide ideas of what health and wellness means to them in their favourite place to be "active" or "healthy.


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