XPRIZE Visioneers 2017

XPRIZE Visioneers 2017

Are you an industry disruptor? A social advocate? A garage tinkerer? Design an XPRIZE competition and drive a world-changing breakthrough.
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Challenge Overview


Who are the XPRIZE® Visioneers?

XPRIZE is an innovation engine, a facilitator of exponential change, a catalyst for the benefit of humanity. Our incentivized prize competitions have launched the new space industry, resulted in an exponential increase in efficiencies to clean up devastating oil spills, and helped open up a new generation of super fuel-efficient vehicles. The XPRIZE Visioneers challenge invites YOU to see if you have what it takes to become a Visioneer, and delve into the Grand Challenges that face our world.

The Visioneers of 2017 will form teams to tackle different Grand Challenges. Their objective? Help the world's top innovators deliver some of the most "impossible" breakthroughs. It's a tough job, indeed, but the rewards are enormous. Visioneers will be the driving force behind the next generation of prizes to help push humanity forward. And you were saying you wanted to do something meaningful? This is it.


Signs You Might Be Visioneer Material

  • You're compelled to make the world a better place. Duh.
  • You’re audacious -- some might call you obsessed -- with finding your path to making real impact.
  • You're an information junkie: constantly consuming the latest news and technology to help bring about the breakthroughs our world needs.
  • You connect the dots: not satisfied with simply comprehending the problem, you tend to see problems as unfilled opportunities. Always stumbling upon the subtle links between seemingly disparate subjects or situations, you can't resist dreaming up potential solutions.


The Challenge

We are seeking industry disruptors, social advocates, tinkerers, innovators and empathetic leaders who are excited to get their hands dirty in a problem, participate in deep research, talk to experts and inventors, and then talk to them again. You must be eager to debate, learn, analyze, create, and work closely with other team members. You understand how to set audacious goals and possess the vision of a breakthrough for a currently unsolved problem.

Imagine being partnered with a team and tools to lend your vision and skills to the art of designing an XPRIZE competition -- that's exactly what we're doing for next class of Visioneers.


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