Identify Every Acre on Earth
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Building a solution to identify every agricultural acre on earth in real time, with an accessible interface, and self-update.

Your Story

What are you passionate about? [public]
I am passionate about the problem that while many parts of society seem to leverage technology and innovative thinking to advance their industry and/or cause, food and agriculture seemingly has missed out. It is apparent in the income gap for farmers, the lack of knowledge consumers have on food, and the amount of challenges still faced by producers, especially small scale farmers.

Therefore, I am hungry to both envision a better future for food/ag and implement fruitful solutions. As an entrepreneur, business is the tool I use and the passion around the aforementioned problem drives that.

Your Prize Concept

If you are selected as a Visioneer, you will develop a prize concept in collaboration with a company sponsor, fellow innovators, and the XPRIZE team. This may or may not be the challenge concept you propose in this application.

What do you prize? [public]
I prize a globally connected and accessible agricultural system, doing for global agriculture what Google Maps did for global businesses.
What Grand Challenge do you propose a prize competition should solve? [public]
The Grand Challenge I propose is solving the fragmentation and disconnectedness of B2B and B2C within the agricultural industry. This disconnectedness leads to loss of business potential, innovation, and massive inefficiencies, which could deter us as a planet from being able to sustainably feed 9+ billion people by 2050.

Background: As an entrepreneur, if I was developing a solution for the healthcare industry, I could use Google Maps and in minimal time, identify all the hospitals in a region. That alone grants me insight into market size, initial customers, market gaps, and paves the way for a potential innovation. In identifying and providing information on businesses globally, Google Maps/Business has allowed for this path for innovation. Looking at agriculture, there is no single platform right now you where someone could identify every acre of land on earth, let alone in a city or county. With the onset of 3-5 billion people coming online in the next 5 years, many of whom are in rural areas around the world, this platform for is increasingly necessary. This is a barrier to our human potential, and with 37% of the earth covered in land, the opportunity is huge.
What would the world look like when the Grand Challenge is solved? [public]
In the simplest form, anyone would be able to look up any acre of land on earth and learn substantial information about it. On a larger scale, there would be a spike of interactive mobile and desktop applications engaging our physical world. Imagine an augmented reality game from your passenger seat that interacted with land around you as you drive, train, or even fly.
Even larger, there would be a major spike in service providers for agricultural producers, reducing prices for them and increasing service quality. More entrepreneurs would see this potential and join this space.

comments (public)

  • Bruce Weaver March 19, 2017, 3:49 p.m. PDT
    Hello Edward
    Noble and very big idea! I might ad some elements that could be added to your project idea. First off I think for this to be a Heroic and Visioneer idea it has to help solve a problem of property ownership vs a medievel concept called UsuFruct.
    So while mapping every acre is great what about mapping regions and areas that are unused acres and or places that can be given to Vets, and or visioneers?
    I guess I have a vested interest in this as my project proposal from last year was to find a landbase.
    So just some ideas to think about. I also think that this project should be using P2P concepts as well as even the Blockchain/Etherium to created unique solutions from mapping every acre!
    Congrats on being chosen!
  • Ben March 16, 2017, 2:35 a.m. PDT
    Congratulations! Be sure to check out if you're not already aware of it.
    • Edward Silva March 16, 2017, 10:44 a.m. PDT
      Thanks Ben, looking into it and excited for their new Beta program. Take care and talk soon!