My Kidney Nutrition App Features Challenge

My Kidney Nutrition App Features Challenge

Compete to make the VA's My Kidney Nutrition App fun and gamified while implementing rewards tailored to the user’s kidney health goals Read Overview...

Did you know that around 30 million people, or 15% of American adults, have chronic kidney disease (CKD)?  The rate of prevalence is even higher for U.S. Veterans, and is the 4th most diagnosed disease among U.S. Veterans.  CKD is a dangerous disease that, if not treated appropriately,  can ultimately cause kidney failure and require dialysis or a transplant. 

Both kidney disease and kidney failure require complex and unique dietary modifications. These dietary changes can delay CKD progression which improves quality of life and reduces patient care costs by delaying the need for dialysis.

While dietitians currently provide Medical Nutritional Therapy and static printed materials to patients with CKD, a new mobile app is needed that provides autonomy and personalized features to help patients make informed food choices.

We are seeking your best idea of app features and gamification elements that will make an app a powerful tool to empower CKD patients to contribute to their own well-being.

The ideas submitted in this challenge may be utilized in follow on challenges that will execute on Topcoder.

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