Linux and python only?

Is the script supposed to work in Windows?
Also is the solution supposed to be in python or is matlab acceptable?
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Alexander Kreuzer
Hi Elena,

The download script runs on Linux and Mac.
On Windows you can run it in the Linux Subsystem or in a Docker Image.
Alternatively, you could just run the download script on a virtual machine in the cloud and download the results to your machine.
The evaluation script `` should run on bare windows with python.

The solution can be written in any language we can run. So Matlab is acceptable.

- Alex

Alexander Kreuzer
To add some details on how to run the download scripts on Windows.
One way of doing this is to use the Windows Linux Subsystem. With this, you could install a small Linux system on top of Windows.
For details see
I would recommend installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from the Microsoft Store.
After installation, it can be launched like a regular app.

Alexander Kreuzer
For the download script, you would need to install imagemgick. You can do this with the following commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install imagemagick

After this, you can navigate to the content of the zip file with the following command.

cd cd /mnt/c/Users/User/Desktop/sap_ai.v2

(Replace User with your username, and I assume here that you unzip the file on your desktop)
Modified on Nov. 6, 2019, 10:36 a.m. PST
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