Thank you to everyone who participated in SAP’s Data Anonymization Challenge.

Results of Task 1:

  1. Alexandre Wermann: 44.2% (deemed ineligible*)
  2. Ovidiu Dobre: 34.3%
  3. LH42: deemed ineligible**

Results of Task 2

  1. Ovidiu Dobre
  2. Alexandre Wermann
  3. LH42: deemed ineligible*

Unfortunately, this time no competitor produced a solution that accomplished both Task 1 and Task 2 to a satisfactory level to be open-sourced. 

However, in recognition of participants’ efforts, SAP will distribute the following rewards among the top three contestants:

  1. Alexandre Wermann: $0*
  2. Ovidiu Dobre: $6,666,67 ($5,000 Consolation Prize + $1,666,67 for invitation to final scoring)
  3. LH42: $1,666,67 for invitation to final scoring

*Alexandre Wermann is ineligible to receive prize money as an SAP employee.

**LH42’s submission was deemed ineligible due to a dependency on external services that are not part of the required test environment.