This is your official two day reminder!

Please ensure you submit your entries to the Task 1 Leaderboard by Thursday December 12 at 5 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles). This is your last opportunity to do so! Here's what you need to know:

  • You do not need to have submitted previously to submit now.
  • You are able to submit once per day prior to 12 noon Pacific Time and have your submission scored. We strongly recommend submitting early to ensure your submission is in the correct format for scoring
  • Review the Challenge Guidelines in full to ensure you are clear on all requirements.
  • If you have any questions, please review the challenge forum and the recording from the Q&A webinar.

Final Scoring Submission Requirements

Following Thursday's submission deadline, top teams will be invited to the Final Scoring. If you are invited to the final scoring, you will have one week to submit your files. We have updated the files required to make the submission easier for finalists. Here's what you will need to submit:


  1. One zip file containing the following for Task 1 & Task 2:
    1. Code that is executable by SAP on the environment specified in Test Environment of the Challenge Guidelines.
    2. README file with clear and concise instructions for running the code. Also, please provide an expected time for training and expected time for inference
    3. For any machine learning model you are using, you should provide us with the trained model as well as instructions on how to retrain the model.
    4. Source code and documentation
  2. Description of your algorithm and approach. Please include any citations to existing research and list any additional datasets you have used and provide links to the datasets (1 - 5 page PDF document)