Ovidiu Dobre

Task 1 Leaderboard


I notice we are about 3 weeks into this challenge, but no news regarding when Task 1 Leaderboard will open.

Would it be possible to get a road map when this functionality will be available?

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Kyla Jeffrey
HeroX team
@Ovidiu Dobre
Hi Ovidiu, the Task 1 leaderboard will open Monday. You can see the complete details in the update that was just posted here: https://www.herox.com/SAPAI/update/2894 Please let me know if you have any questions after you've read through it. Thanks!
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Ovidiu Dobre
Thanks a lot Kyla, this challenge looks promising!
I hope there will be a great competition and great results to see on the leaderboard!
My best wishes, Ovidiu
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