Dylan Cohen

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Hi Contestants!

We hope your prize designs are going well. We know that the prize design process can be a long and challenging one, and we want to provide all the help we can. If you have any questions about the competition or the prize design process, please feel free to ask them here. Our staff will try and provide guidance in short order.

As a final note, we will be holding events and releasing updates in the coming days and weeks to help you refine your ideas. More details will be forthcoming shortly, so please look forward to it!
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Tyra Rankin
What time does is the submission deadline today, July 23rd? @Dylan Cohen

Mac Karlekar
I entered this XPRize challenge first time this year and am already checking the announcements every day :) 4 more days to go, how is it for everyone else who contributed or submitted an idea ?
What will be the first thing you will do if you get deleted as semifinalist other than screaming with joy :)?

Christopher Bush
@Mac Karlekar, I think you mean to say selected. For me, if The INFEWH-ture Project is selected, it will be the culmination of a vision born in 2008, and became focused on XPRIZE Visioneers in 2012. I will smile, I will dance, and then I will roll up my sleeves and get to work, because then the hard part starts. Visioneers is one of the most challenging, and most rewarding things a person could ever do. Without question, my life will never be the same after last year, and this year, it will be another magnitude scale step.

@Mac Karlekar
I will tell all my relatives and friends that I won while or with a smiling face.

Mac Karlekar
Great to have this passion to change the world at such an early age. Best wishes!

Mac Karlekar
@Christopher Bush
Incredible drive. Wishing you the best !

@Dylan Cohen
We're all dying to know what the winning team ideas were! Hope your team releases more info soon, at-least a link to video submission like last year.

@Dylan Cohen,
Include also the number of solvers who submitted in the challenge..

Corina Toma
Couldn’t agree more @Rolly

It will be very interesting to see all the submissions as well

Hey @Dylan Cohen!
I'd appreciate it if you and your team could check out the feedback I've given in this new forum topic here: https://www.herox.com/xprizevisioneers-2018-design-challenge/forum/thread/3350

Laura Taal
@Dylan Cohen
Hi there! My team and I unfortunately didn't make it into the next round of the Design Challenge, but we're eager to understand the approaches that the winning submissions took. When and where would be able to see the details of the winning submissions and the timelines of the next stage of the Design Challenge? Thanks in advance for you response!

Who are allowed to provide a feedback? You just sent a notification for us to send a feedback but it says I need permission from the organization.

MacKenzie Richter
Try the link again! Sorry for your troubles!

MacKenzie Richter
@Laura Taal + all others interested in updates..

To those interested in the transparency of winning designs... We agree with you! Many, many teams spent countless hours contributing. The process shouldn't just end with a semi-finalist announcement. We want to honor your participation, and encourage an open process so that you will be excited to work with us for future Visioneering Design Competitions. While we are hard at work producing the Summit event that will take place October 18th-21st, we are still planning to release Updates to the entire HeroX crowd community about Finalist Designs and progress.

Stay tuned, more coming very shortly.

I'm not going to suck up to dummies who can't tell a great scientific advance from cattle wash. What you should do is pay everyone who works on your projects whether they "win" or not. That way you won't waste everyone's time most of the time. Of course, if you'd rather just harvest the intellectual property of all mankind without paying for it, be my guest, but don't expect my admiration for your piracy.

Joris van der Schot
@MacKenzie Richter

Good to see XPrize are live-streaming the event, that's a step towards transparency and inclusiveness. Publishing the original submissions/videos of the semi-finalists would be another important measure of HeroX's commitment to an open process.

I'm not attending any more activities you have in XPrize. I submitted in the wrong grand challenge area and lost! I'm just waiting for another XPrize next year if there is any. Thanks!
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