Unleash your Superhero

Vote for your favourite story of extraordinary innovation!

Challenge Overview


HeroX is excited to host a challenge to share the stories of ordinary people creating extraordinary innovations.

Tell us your story or the story of someone you know, who has defied conventional wisdom to create a game-changing breakthrough.

What was the motivation, what was the journey? What made them hang in there?

We’re not looking for the perfect story; we’re looking for the true story. Tell us the reality of the innovation journey - the failures, the ups and downs, and the make-or-break moments.

Using any medium you like - written, audio, visual, multimedia, song – tell us the story behind an extraordinary innovation.  


What kind of stories can I submit?

The challenge will award prizes in two categories:

  1. Your Path to the Prize asks you to share the journey behind an innovation that was submitted to an incentive challenge (whether or not you, or the someone you know, won!).
  2. Innovation Heroes asks you to share the journey behind an innovation that was outside the scope of an incentive challenge.

You may submit a story in one or both categories. However, the same story cannot be submitted multiple times.

You may share your own personal story or that of someone who inspires you! Looking for a story tell? Check out our database of over 1600 incentive challenges to get started.


What impact will my story have?

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." --Robert McKee  

The Unleash Your Superhero challenge is your opportunity to share your ideas and journey with the world.

All stories will be shared with our community of innovators on the challenge page. Stories may also be shared on the HeroX blog, social media, and to our global community.


What can I win?

HeroX will award up to 8 prizes, totaling $5,500 USD. The judging panel will select up to 3 winners in each category, according to the judging criteria listed in the Challenge Guidelines.

In addition, a People’s Choice award of $1000 USD will be awarded in each category, based on popular vote.

Winners Your Path to the Prize Innovation Heroes
1st $1000 $1000
2nd $500 $500
3rd $250 $250
People's Choice $1000 $1000
Updates 12
Forum 13
Community 219