Voting closes at 11:59pm EST on February 16th!


Tips to Get Out the Vote!

  • Be proud to ask someone to vote for you! It is likely the only way you are going to win the prize. Keep your eyes on the prize. Sometimes, the competition can be so fierce that the winner is determined by a single vote. Do everything you can to get as many votes as you can while still adhering to the terms and conditions of the voting process.
  • Have all your friends and family share the challenge on their social media feeds, soliciting readers to go vote for you. In your social media posts, include the title of your submission, the URL of your submission (see below), and, if a photo is attached to your challenge entry, include the same photo in your social media outreach. There are numerous entries in the challenge; you want your voters to be able to quickly find your entry among them and vote for it.
  • Send an outreach email to any subscription lists you manage that are relevant to the challenge and/or your entry. Include the entry title, challenge URL and any imagery that can help identify your entry when your voter goes to vote for your entry. You could also include permalink URLs to your social media posts, soliciting recipients to like and share them. Be direct and clear in what you want recipients to do.

  • Make a solicitation video inviting viewers to go vote for you and share it on your social media feeds. Have your team share it as well. This has the benefit of humanizing your solicitation. If the viewer senses the honesty and authenticity in your request, they may go vote for you based on that alone


How to share your submission:

1) Find your entry here: Ensure you are looking in the correct category ("Your Path to the Prize" is at the top and "Innovation Heroes" is further down). If your entry is not on the first page, click "View All".

2) Click on your entry to view it. Share the URL of this page with your friends and family.


How to vote:

Check out this short how-to video. You can send it your friends using this link