can you provide us with a

can you provide us with videos about the Catfish industry in USA ? so it can help more
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Jeffrey Silverstein
@ZODC check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhKtQ1Rlx3o

Petr Mík
It's not a video, but a description of catfish farms.

Hey solution finders,

Are the ponds oxygenated in any form, build up water fountains, add oxygen plants if there are non?
Please check up Chrisal probiotic products. You will be wowed!

Pictures would be good to see what the ponds look like?

Video seen thank you!

The probiotics will assist tremendously with improving the condition of the water biofilms, and improve the health of the fish.

The oxygen plants can be placed or grown in specific areas of the ponds or float on the surface in floating crates.

Artificial water fountains may be used to improve oxygen levels as well?

By use of the floating crates with water plants this would also block out the sun to some extent.
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