Congratulations to the Preserving the Natural Flavor of Catfish Challenge Winners!

Thank you to all participants and everyone who made this challenge a success. The judges were impressed and excited by many of the innovative ideas in the entries.  

Judges determined 6 entries to award a total of $60,000 in prizes.

1st Prize $20,000

  • Preventing Winter Off-Flavor with Solar Heating by Laura Arroyo Miniel, United States [Pre-Harvest Management]

2nd Prize $10,000 each

  • Microbubbles Circulating with Submersible Vibrator by Sri Vijay Krishna Ganduri, India [Pre-Harvest Management]
  • Nanobubbles Inhibit Cyanobacteria Growth by Alden Research Laboratory, Kimbal Hall and Jenna Rackovan, United States [Pre-Harvest Management]
  • System Approach to Reduce Off-Flavors By Simon Wilson and Tom Haxton, United States [Pre-Harvest Management, Pre-Harvest Treatment, & Post-Harvest Treatment]

3rd Prize $5,000 each

  • Bacillus to Prevent Blue-Green Algae (BGA) Growth by Stephen Newman, United States [Pre-Harvest Treatment]
  • Filtration of Water through Sawdust-Filled Column by team Outer Limits, Russia [Pre-Harvest Management]

USDA ARS Looks forward to working with winners to help develop these ideas further.

To learn more about the winning solutions, tune in to our Winners Webinar on March 18, 4pm EST // 1pm PST. During the webinar, attendees will hear directly from winners about their submissions and will have a chance to ask questions. 

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