In this post i will explain my basic idea for a mechanical-electromechanical obstacle recognition and path selection how this can be achieved without electronics.
Starting from the top of the sensor there is a system which sense the direction of light (position of sun) this is vital in order the sensor to understand in which direction the shadows will exist from the obstacle that extend in height ahead and not only ,also slopes this i will analyze it if it will be asked .For this we will use the multiuse part for venus that i have mention in another post .Eight of them in angle 45 degree vertical each of them its back side is covered with half a cylinder metal in order the light pass only in one direction those eight diamond sensors creates sense of a octagon pyramid .Each of them is connected with the positive pulse , this pulse is created from the frequency generator that i have mention in soil resistivity post also the modulation of the frequency or the amplitude i have explain in other post called electromechanical frequency generator the light change the pulse that change of each sensor is setting a electromechanical comparator that i have explain in post multiuse part for venus eight electromechanical comparators .

Further information on the sensor that is combining my Mechanical Eye plans has to do how this detection of sun position is connected to a mechanical system that procces the pixels of the image and detects the shadows of the extended in height obstacles on the image (black and white picture pixels) and how it activates the pin that reverse the rover in order to avoid the obstacle this is a small intro of my idea how it this detection can be done
i will post if there is interest for the sensor here .