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Chris Wakefield
I am a mechanical engineer and analyst with 14 years of experience in the energ…
Drumlithie, Scotland, United Kingdom
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What Inspires Chris Wakefield

I am inspired by my desire to always achieve things more safely, efficiently and effectively.


I am a mechanical engineer and analyst with 14 years of experience in the energy industry. I have worked in a variety of roles ranging from mechanical design and advanced analysis to maintenance engineering and R&D.

I have a passion for embracing new technology while also calling upon the lessons of the past. I am a strong believer that different industries and branches of engineering should attempt to learn from one another to prevent repeats of past mistakes. I think this is especially true when dealing with safety.

In my free time I enjoy relaxing with my wife and two year old son. I also try to take time to work on my various electronics and 3D printing projects.



    Analyst Designer Educator/Teacher Engineer

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    Crowdsourcing Consultant HeroXpert Innovator Judge

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