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Send Your Logo to Space

Students, design the winning logo for our Base 11 Space Challenge and send your logo to space!

Challenge Overview

This challenge is open to all students, grades K-college, enrolled in a school in the United States or Canada. 


The Challenge

The Send Your Logo to Space competition is seeking a student-designed logo to use for the $1 million+  Base 11 Space Challenge! A logo is the face of a brand, and we need you to help us craft that! Whether you are in elementary school through college, an experienced graphic designer or an artsy amateur, we welcome you to bring your creativity.

This is your chance to send your logo to space!

Be bold! Be different! Keep it simple!


Accept the Challenge, and get to work on your design today!


What is the Base 11 Space Challenge?

The Base 11 Space Challenge is a $1M+ prize for a student-led team to design, build, and launch a liquid-propelled, single stage rocket to an altitude of 100 kilometers (The Karman Line) by December 30, 2021.

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Who is Base 11?

Base 11 is a non-profit, workforce and entrepreneur development company on a mission to close the STEM gap and build a sustainable middle class in America.


Base 11 is a connector matching STEM businesses, educational institutions and entrepreneurial opportunities with the high-potential, low-resource students that have shown interest and talent but lack the resources and access needed to allow their interest to grow. Our signature solution, dedicated partners and growing base of support is about much more than just funding, financial aid or general STEM education. It’s a one-of-a-kind strategy specifically designed to change the way people think. It takes a tactical, active approach, specifically finding motivated talent and creating a dedicated path for them to succeed in a very short period of time. Success is defined as STEM-related employment, admission to a four-year college in a STEM-related field or the development of a STEM-related business in less than 24 months.

If you’d like to know more about Base 11, visit


To see the Official Rules of the competition, click here.


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