Dear Space Logo Designers, 


We are excited to announce our winners in the Base 11 Send Your Logo to Space student design competition.

Drumroll, please.... 


  • Overall Winner: Base to Karman Line
    • Designer: Sandra T., senior in high school
  • Crowd Favorite: Boundless
    • Designer: Mohamed Khalil, 4th year Engineering Science student from the University of Toronto
  • Elementary School Winner: N/A
    • No Submissions Received
  • Middle School Winner: Preparing for Launch
    • Designer: Alex Thummalapalli, 8th grade
  • High School Winner: Base to Karman Line
    • Designer: Sandra T., senior in high school
  • College Winner: Space is Possible
    • Designer: Maria Fernanda Galvez Gonzalez, Junior Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Planetary Science major at the Florida Institute of Technology
  • Honorable Mention: Challenge Accepted Badge
    • Designer: Hannah Halcro, 3rd year Engineering Student at Concordia University


Join us in congratulating all of our winners!


Thank you to all who participated in making this a successful student competition. You are all so talented!

We will be contacting each winner individually to collect final files and distribute prize money. 


Can't get enough Space Competition? Follow the Base 11 Space Challenge as student rocketry teams compete to design, build and launch a liquid-propelled, single stage rocket to an altitude of 100 kilometers (the Karman Line) by December 30, 2021.



Base 11


Winning Logo: Base to Karman Line by Sandra T.