Design our Banners

You can spot HeroX at various events and conferences in the upcoming months - but we need your help with our designing three banners!

This challenge is closed


This challenge is closed



Design a Banner for HeroX!


Crowdsourcing is stealing the hearts of our planet, and so is HeroX! Thats why our team will be found at various conferences and events in the upcoming months. We want to bring your designs with us to prove what the crowd can do. We will award three prizes of $50 to the most visually appealing, creative, and innovative designs. 

Accept the Challenge, and get to work on your design today!


Your Banner Design

  • Must contain a tagline and original artwork
  • Will be printed on a 6.7' x 2.8' Retractable Banner
  • Will be present at various conferences around the globe.


Have a lot of inspiration? Feel free to submit multiple designs! 



Need Some Inspiration? Hear from HeroX Innovators!

We asked our community why they participate in HeroX challenges. Here's what they had to say: 


"By entering an incentive challenge, you will become a part of an innovative and international community of industry disruptors and lateral thinkers. Hack yourself, your habits and linear thinking by joining a group of relentless thinkers and doers." - Alexandra Ivanovitch

"It's a win-win. You get your idea out there, if it gets noticed, that's a win. If it doesn't, it's still a win because you worked on something that matters, you've learned something new and it could lead to other opportunities. You just never know." - Marianne Angelo

"In today's world, the fastest and the best way to spread your words is through the internet. If you really want to help or contribute to society the best way is to solve their problems. This could be done by taking up an incentive challenge. After all the life is too short to waste, so let's do something meaningful and good in it so that we are remembered for it .Give it a try :)" - Abbas Saiyed

"Taking part in incentive challenges is nothing else but defeating yourself. That part of your self that stands in your way. You compete with people from all over the world. It's wild and scary. Not because they may be better or smarter than you or because they are many. But because these are people who never give up and who become better and better with each challenge they take. It is the kind of community you cannot afford to not be part of. Changing the world is just the side effect." - Georgia Mihalcea

"Incentive challenges are a great opportunity to apply your specific perspectives and expertise towards solving a unique problem. It's a rare situation where your success is only limited by your creativity and dedication. Even if you don't win the challenge, you created a valuable innovation in the process. You can also expand your network with the organizers, sponsors, collaborators, and others competitors of the challenge." - Marcus Howard


The Winning Design

If you win, your design will be printed on one of HeroX Banners and proudly presented at this years Crowdsourcing Week and other amazing events! 

Submissions must meet the following guidelines to be eligible for submission:

1.) Fit the specifications:

Document Trim Size

33.13" x 86.18" 
84.1 x 218.9 cm 
1656 x 4309 pixels 

Full Bleed Size

33.38" x 86.43" 
84.8 x 219.5 cm 
1669 x 4322 pixels 

Finished artwork extends to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.


  • File Types: Please submit your image in the following file types. While you are not required to upload all three file types, it is preferred that you do.
    • (Required) Image in PNG format with transparent background
    • Vector file saved as either
      • PDF (Adobe Acrobat): embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps
      • AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator): convert text to outlines, embed any linked images (tips on converting text here)
    • Layered source files saved as either:
      • Adobe Photoshop .PSD file
      • Adobe Illustrator .AI file
      • .SVG file
  • If you do not submit a vector file, your image must be at least 300dpi at the size it will be printed. If your image is below 300dpi, please do not simply increase the resolution.

2.) Contain the HeroX Logo:

HeroX Logo: Download here.

3.) Proof of Original Concept

Designs must be original. Any images used must have full licence provided to HeroX.

4.) Aesthetically Pleasing

Banner captures audiences attention in a sleek and attractive manner. 


A total prize pool of up to $150.00 is available. Up to 3 awards are planned for this challenge. 


Additional Rules

Multiple Entries: You may submit an unlimited number of entries to this challenge.

Public Submissions: The PNG version of your image will be publicly visible on the challenge page upon submission.

Modification: We may modify your image prior to printing

Participation Eligibility

Submissions must be made in English. All challenge-related communication will be in English.

To be eligible to compete, you must comply with all the terms of the challenge as defined in the Challenge-Specific Agreement.

Registration and Submissions

Submissions must be made online (only), via upload to the website, on or before Friday, September 21st. No late submissions will be accepted.

Intellectual Property Rights

As detailed in the Challenge-Specific Agreement, you must agree to grant the Sponsor a royalty-free license to use your artwork if you win. HeroX has the right to use any and all Submissions for future advertising, promotion and publicity. Please ensure you review the full details in the Challenge-Specific Agreement which is made available upon registration.

Selection of Winners

Based on the winning criteria, prizes will be awarded per the Judging Criteria section above. In the case of a tie, the winner(s) will be selected based on the highest votes from the Judges.

Additional Information

  • By participating in the challenge, each competitor agrees to submit only their original idea. Any indication of "copying" amongst competitors is grounds for disqualification.
  • All applications will go through a process of due diligence; any application found to be misrepresentative, plagiarized, or sharing an idea that is not their own will be automatically disqualified.
  • All ineligible applicants will be automatically removed from the competition with no recourse or reimbursement.
  • No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win the competition.
  • Void wherever restricted or prohibited by law.



Challenge Updates


Oct. 2, 2018, 10:15 a.m. PDT by Stefania Brandner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the HeroX Design our Banner Challenge! 


Our crowd proves time and again how truly remarkable you are! We received a number of fun, creative, and unique designs. 

We'd like to take a moment to congratulate AlexT on winning this challenge with his incredible submissions!



Love designing on HeroX? We've got tons more live on our platform!



8 hours left to submit!

Sept. 25, 2018, 4 p.m. PDT by Stefania Brandner

If you're still assembling your submission, you have exactly 8 hours left to complete it! Don't miss out on the chance to have your designs showcased at conferences across the globe!

Here's a Tip: HeroX recommends innovators plan to submit with at least a 3-hour window of time before the true deadline. Last-minute technical problems and unforeseen roadblocks have been the cause of many headaches. Don't let that be you!

This is your official two-day reminder!

Sept. 24, 2018, midnight PDT by Stefania Brandner

That's right, the Design Our Banners Challenge will be closing this coming Wednesday September 26th at Midnight Eastern Time (New York/USA).

Please be sure to complete your submission form well before the exact cut-off time.

At exactly 12:01am, we can no longer accept new submissions!

Got questions?

Now is the time to speak up! Comment directly on this update with any questions about the submission process and we'll get back to you right away!

Your submissions are more important than you think!

Sept. 21, 2018, noon PDT by Stefania Brandner

Trade shows and conferences allow HeroX to build brand awareness around our most valuable individuals: Our Crowd, AKA YOU! Y

Your designs will be the first thing existing and future challenge sponsors will see, making it important that show them how amazing our innovators truly are. Your design will not only be appealing to the naked eye, but it will also show sponsors one of the infinite challenges that can be solved on HeroX. 

Don't miss the opportunity to be recognized at global events as a HeroX Crowd Innovator with your submission!


Design Our Banners Challenge is now officially open for submission!

Sept. 19, 2018, midnight PDT by Stefania Brandner

Since you've been following the challenge, you might want to know that starting today you have access to the full Challenge Guideline and can begin drafting your submission!

To get started, head back to the challenge page and click ACCEPT CHALLENGE. Once you accept the legal agreement, you will officially be signed up as a competitor!

Remember, if you're feeling stuck, the forum is a great resource to collaborate with others and get answers to your specific questions.

Good luck!

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