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Can you make Chocolate and Candy cheaper AND healthier?

How can we make confectionery more affordable, yet better for you? Submit 2 ideas - 1 for chocolate and 1 for candy.

Challenge Overview

Flying Fish Lab is an open-innovation consultancy that works across several industries. We are looking for ideas for our clients in the food business. 


Problem Statement

As the price of ingredients, energy and transportation keep increasing, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers face greater pressure to find new sources of cost savings and productivity gain so that consumers can still enjoy their favourite treats at a retail price that remains affordable. We want to turn this necessary change into an opportunity: Consumers are becoming more aware about eating food that’s not only delicious but also good for them. While chocolates and candies have always represented indulgence and enjoyment, and will never replace healthy snacks, is it possible to make them more affordable to produce while making them a little better for you?



Current Solutions

Current solutions focus on reduction of the goodies in chocolates and candy bars like sugar, cocoa, dairy… which present risks of consumer dissatisfaction if it impacts on taste. Most are silent changes such as finding cheaper combinations or sources of raw materials, recycling by-products or optimising manufacturing and distribution.



Pain Point

It is imperative that the consumer experience is not impacted by our change. How can we deliver the same or better taste with a slightly healthier product which also delivers cost savings in the short-term? What consumer-beneficial changes can help us save? What impact could these changes have on the whole value chain?


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