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April 9, 2020
4:29 p.m. PDT

Get a decommissioned geostationary telecom satellite for r&d project and tow it to lunar orbit

Interested to integrate my
"Get a decommissioned geostationary telecom satellite for r&d project and tow it to lunar orbit" into this challenge

let me know your opinion
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Alexey Zolotarev
April 10, 2020
5:47 a.m. PDT
Good afternoon,
Dear gentleman, wants to transfer a satellite to the Moon. :)
Do you know how many satellites are now spinning around the Moon?
At least 20 who have a permanent connection with their control centers on Earth. Many countries explore the moon remotely.

And now the question is, if there are satellites that are connected to the Earth, why transfer the satellite to the Moon?

What would you just throw? You note that geostationary satellites are calculated for certain tasks, work away from cosmic dust clouds and many other factors. Therefore, before writing this, you would decide on the goals that solve the task.

Добрый день,
Уважаемый джентельмен хочет перебросить спутник к Луне. :)
Вы знаете сколько спутников сейчас крутится около Луны ?
Не менее 20, которые имеют постоянную связь со своими центрами управления на Земле. Многие страны исследуют Луну дистанционно.

А теперь вопрос, если там есть спутники которые связаны с Землей, зачем перебрасывать спутник к Луне ?

Что бы просто перебросить ? Вы учтите, что геостационарные спутники расчитываются для определенных задач, работают вдали от космических пылевых облаков и многих других факторов. Поэтому прежде чем писать такое, вы определились бы с целями, которые решают поставленную задачу.

Global Innovator
April 10, 2020
4:20 p.m. PDT
@Alexey Zolotarev

My Dear Friend,

thank you for your comments

Towing satellite from one orbit to another orbit is great r&d challenge, already supported by

watch video

I plan to join NG and develop my project on my own.

Basic question is: how much can NG charge for such a mission
and how much fuel is consumed and at what cost, how much time does it take to tow GEO sat to lunar orbit

Since I studied Maths, IT, law, I am looking for space simulator to let me test my challenge and get data recorded and more.

I am looking for experienced members like you, NASA, EASA, to join the
project since it makes really sense.
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