Ok just came across this site and ive had an idea for years now regarding large object from a spaceship to the surface of a planet. Here it is, sorry if it not that clear i have ADHD.
In its simplest form, once landed the "boxes/payload" could be fitted with a belt that has small air jets (only on one side of the box. this will be facing outward of the spaceship The box then has a hook/clasp connected to the cable, just like paracheuters do when they jump. Then we fire an anchor/grabber connected to a 150-175m cable to allow for the angle from the ship to the surface. fire 2 more to form a stablised triangle. then just lower each payload down the cable remotely operating the jets to slowly lower the box to the ground. The belt could then be sent back up for the next box. Sorry if you dont understand a word ive typed.