Nov. 8, 2020
8:35 a.m. PST

My secondary idea if someone needs clues, not an engineer

If the cargo arrived on a Starship it cannot be taken out right away at the top of the ship due to tipping danger.

First lower the cargo within the body of the ship as low as possible ideally down to the booster height. If boosters could be swung away lower it all the way to the ground and wait for ships departure. To lower down (or lift up) the cargo use self winding wires found in tow trucks.

Once it's lowered use 2 parallel ramps and have 2 permanent sleds built onto bottom of each side of the cargo. The ramps should be long and have minimal incline to reduce a chance of damaging the cargo.

If possible re-attach the same self winding wires which were used for lowering cargo to the ends of the ramps to load and unload cargo safely. Ramps can also serve as ladders for crew.
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Matthew Jane
Dec. 11, 2020
11:05 a.m. PST
To be honest, you want to keep your center of mass low to prevent tipping, which would imply unloading from the top down.

Take a hammer, and try to balance it on the palm of your hand by placing the bottom of the handle on your palm.

Now try and balance it by placing the top of the hammer on your palm.

Which is easier to keep stable?
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