The Human Potential Challenge: infrastructure

The Human Potential Challenge: infrastructure

Build a physical space to empower the Rising Billions to participate in the digital economy. Read Overview...

The world has long struggled with the dual curse of poverty and lack of education. These two problems underlay many of the greatest challenges of our time.

To make matters worse, opportunity and wealth are unevenly distributed, resulting in people attempting to move from areas of low opportunity to areas of high opportunity. Systems are strained to either support or prevent these migrations to opportunity.

Historically, attempts to mitigate these problems have come in the form of Aid Programs. These programs tend to be inefficient and offer little residual value to the populations that are served.

Enter the Rising Billions.

Devices, connectivity, and education are game-changing new opportunities to support global economic development – including migrants and refugees. Ambitious minds expect this global development by 2020 and foresee a dramatic, positive, change in the global economy

Our promise: Create 10 Million new digital entrepreneurs in underdeveloped regions of the world within the next 30 years.

Why we need you

We need you to design local Impact Hubs for digital business solutions.


The Rising Billions

The “Rising Billions” is a term coined by Peter Diamandis that represents the efforts of four companies who are attempting to bring one megabit of bandwidth to every person on earth. The Rising Billions is a game-changing new opportunity aimed at solving this dual curse.

Currently, there are 65 million migrants and refugees challenging the global political systems.

Think of another 5 billion potential new migrants who have never purchased anything, uploaded anything and are mostly cut off from the abundance of the western world.

Through digital access, they suddenly come online and as we know people migrate to the promises of a better future and bandwidth alone is like pouring water out in front of a man dying of thirst.

We strongly believe that turning aid into opportunity is the catalyst to create a significant increase in local income.

We aim to migrate digital opportunities to people in need instead of migrating people to opportunity.


Our Belief

We have an unshakeable belief in the human spirit. We believe in the human ability to self-organize and thrive from emergent problem-solving.

We are about discovering and encouraging all talents within the population and discovering how the Promise Hub can turn digital opportunities to those talents. As well, funneling those with entrepreneurial talent within each area of endeavor and getting the tools, mentoring and money to create digital businesses that will employ others in the local community.

Our belief is that through utilizing access to the internet and providing tools and encouragement that the result will be exponential growth through entrepreneurism.                       

We want to empower the average entrepreneur to create 100 jobs and to double the average existing incomes.                                           

“...the democratization of entrepreneurship has never been more important. Only through knowledge sharing and crowdsourcing can we really attack our common challenges as a planet.” Jonathan Ortmans, President, Global Entrepreneurship Network


About Promise Hub             

The Promise Hub is a platform researching, designing and providing digital tools, encouragement, and physical infrastructure to empower entrepreneurism to serve the Rising Billions. Independent working modules and self-organized learning environments aim to unlock potential to create local digital economies that provide a significant increase in local employment and average incomes. It will include encouragement, digital tools by partners and local staff as impact teams.

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