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@Paul Musille
I have had some problem with pre-registration. How can one verify pre-registration state? TIA.
Paul Musille
@A J
Hi AJ,
You just have to click the follow button. You can confirm you are signed up by checking out your profile page (in your case: If you see the High Performance Fast Computing Challenge there, then you are all good.
@Paul Musille
Thanks you the reply. The challenge was not listed in my profile and the Follow button wasn't visible on the dashboard - though after clicking the Following button in the upper right-portion of the dashboard the orange Follow button appeared. Thanks again and looking forward to participating!
Lai Ogunsola
Is there any way to take part if you are based in the United Kingdom?
Paul Musille
@Lai Ogunsola
Hi Lai,
Unfortunately you must be a US citizen to participate.
Daniel Merlino
@Paul Musille
Hello, I am a U.S. citizen and a recently accepted Pathways student with Johnson Space Center. However, I do not start until the fall and I am not yet a civil servant. Am I eligible, or would this still disqualify me? Thank you.
Paul Musille
@Daniel Merlino
Hi Daniel,
You are a US citizen, and as long at you are 18, you should be all set as you are not yet a civil servant. Good luck competing!
Mike Felch
Looking forward to checking out FUN3D and seeing what's possible!
Michael Hunter
Seems Exciting. Looking forward to it.
Marc Mozgawa
Is it really for US citizens only ? : (
Paul Musille
@Mike Felch
Great Mike! Start your application for FUN3D ASAP as it can take a little while!
Paul Musille
@Marc Mozgawa
Hi Marc,
Yes, you must be a US citizen to compete in this competition.
Cory Marshall
The doc's say not to use company accounts or hardware, this is for individuals only. Not many people have super computer clusters in there home. The FUN3D's manual "some serious hardware available to run on" is about as clear as mud.

TL;DR That being said, what is the minimal/recommenced hardware for this challenge?
Can I get access to the mathematical basis for the calculations? I want to see the methodologies. Conventional hydrodynamics uses an iterative matrix solution on the order of n-squared where optimized solutions are of the order n and take the geometry into account.
Marc Mozgawa
Too bad ! Greetings from France and Thank you for answering though!
Good luck to all !
Eric Collins
The mathematical basis for the FUN3D software is described in the numerous publications listed here:
Frank Paladino
It's recommended that we begin the process for getting the software right away. And, my understanding is that this challenge is open to individuals. But, when I try to apply at , I can't complete my request unless I specify business info: biz addr, biz phone, etc. What am I missing?
Nandha Kishore
Can international students who live in United States currently take part?
Garrett George
@Paul What exactly do we need to put for the business information when applying for the FUN3D software?
Paul Musille
@Frank Paladino
Hi Frank,
Make sure to check out the FUN3D Application Guidance on either the main page of the FAQ page. There are a number of helpful tips there.

You should use your personal info for the business information since you are applying as an individual and not a business.
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