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Welcome to the challenge forum. Feel free to start a new topic. The forum is a great place to ask questions and start discussions with other competitors!
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Don Parsons
Hi Shane,

The Challenge Specific Agreement link on the Challenge Guidelines page results in a "Can not access the page" error. I'd like to know if this is an actual platform error or if it may be on my end as it appears to be permission based.

Shane Jenkins
HeroX team
Thank you for drawing my attention to that, Don. I don't think you're the only one experiencing this. I'll work on it and post a reply once we have it sorted.

Best of luck!

Shane Jenkins
HeroX team
@Don Parsons
We've updated the link to the CSA you mentioned. For an error-proof method, you can also access the CSA from the bottom of the Overview tab.
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Tom Haxton
Hi HeroX! Can you please clarify whether identifying information should be included in the video element of the entry? Normally, HeroX does not allow identifying information in entries. Thank you.

Shane Jenkins
HeroX team
@Tom Haxton

Great question! We typically have that policy as an added privacy measure in case a challenge page allows submissions to be visible to fellow innovators.

But for this challenge, only HeroX staff will be able to see your submission's content. So please introduce yourself as you would with a resume, such as including your name, training, and past experience. You do not have to include any more personally identifiable information and we can always follow up if we have further questions.
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VahshI B
hi there, can we criticize any challenge happened anywhere in the world or should we do it on one of the HeroX previous challenges?

also the phase 1 seems to me like a cover letter. is that so?

Shane Jenkins
HeroX team
@VahshI B
Hello there,

Yes, you may choose a challenge that occurred elsewhere in the world. But if it is easier feel free to use a past HeroX challenge!

And, if I understand your second question correctly, yes Phase 1 is an opportunity to introduce yourself, your experience, and your challenge design skills to us. In some ways it is like a resume or cover letter, but with the added task of reassessing a past challenge.
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