Chemical Product Recovery

Recover method for a chemical product, Exxsol D100, after contamination of organic industrial oils.
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Identify a physical or chemical method of chemical product recovery of Exxsol D100 after its contamination with organic oils when utilized in the manufacturing (rectification and super polishing) of ball bearings.


The recovered physical or chemical method should guarantee, on one hand, that the recovered chemical product still possesses identical properties and characteristics to the pure chemical product, so that it is feasible and safe to reintroduce it during the manufacturing process in question.


During the bearing fabrication process, and at different stages, there is a need to wash the bearing. The chemical product used is Exxsol D100, an hydrocarbon mixture with the purpose of cleaning (removing) the two machine oils which are utilized during the first and second step of the bearing fabrication process. The second step contributes more to the contamination of Exxsol, as the “Honilo 981 + Honilo 989F” is the principal contaminant.


The main benefit is economical since the commercialization of recycled Exxsol D100 is non-existent; this forces the seeker to acquire the pure product in a much higher cost than the recycled product. Besides this, there are also environmental advantages.



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