Let Kids Be Kids - Idea Challenge

Our vision is to create the world’s finest children and women's hospital. We start with the first 10 minutes of the hospital experience.

Challenge Overview

The Challenge

How do we make the first 10 minutes the best 10 minutes of the hospital experience?

We are asking you for your best ideas to help us build a healthier future for women and children. We ask you to be bold, be creative, challenge the status-quo and use our five design principles as inspiration. The primary design principle is integrated play so we encourage both playful ideas and playful approaches in presenting them (we love visuals). The ideas can use the elements of behaviour, technology, and/or interior.

The first 10 minutes refers to the experience of arriving at the hospital including: appointment, preparation, arrival, wayfinding, reception, waiting and whatever else you imagine falling within that initial contact with the hospital.  This is the scope of this specific challenge - and our first step in building the world's best children and women's hospital together with you. 

Please review our guidelines before you submit an idea.

Be aware that the introduction video to this challenge shows our overall ambition whereas the focus of this challenge is simply on the first 10 minutes of the hospital visit. 


We are building the world's best children's hospital. Nothing Less.

We will give the term ‘hospital’ a whole new meaning. We do not simply want to follow developments in healthcare technology, IT, functional design and sustainability. We want to be the very vanguard of such innovation. Innovative processes must give us new solutions that benefit patients and relatives as well as hospital professionals.

Good care starts with great experience

Sooner or later, we will experience illness ourselves or someone close to us will fall ill. For children, the experience is shocking.

However, it does not have to be traumatic. With a serious illness, the child’s initial contact point is its meeting with the healthcare system. If the experience is negative, chaotic and painful, it will not only hamper treatment of the actual illness but affect the person for the rest of their life. Conversely, if the experience is positive, the mechanism is the same – albeit with a very different result.

Kids will be kids - even when they are sick. We want to support their fantastic traits, their curiosity, their creativity and intuition of understanding the world. 

It is not only about their treatment, but also about the way they are being treated!

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Additional rules

Who can participate:
The challenge is open to everyone who wishes to help create a healthier future for women and children. Because we know that great ideas often come from unexpected directions, we encourage people with all diferent kinds of backgrounds and ages to participate. You could be an architect, a philosopher, entrepreneur, student, behavioural nudger or simply a parent.

Selection of Winner:
Based on the winning criteria, the best idea will be awarded a total of $2,000. The winner will be selected at the discretion of the Judging Panel.

All votes are subject to review. Any competitor using unfair methods to solicit votes will be automatically disqualified from the challenge.

Registration and Submissions:
All Teams/individuals must be registered by 8PM (UTC+1) to be eligible for the prize.

All Team submission materials must be submitted online before 12th December, 2016 at 8PM (UTC+1). No submissions will be accepted after this time. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. All submissions must be received online, via the Challenge website, and all uploads can be in PDF format only. Submission reporting requirements are detailed in Judging.

Challenge Guidelines are subject to change. Registered competitors will receive notification when changes are made, however, we highly encourage you to visit the Challenge Site often to review updates.

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