A Pleasantly experience with beacon projections
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A projector creates a personal avatar that serves as the kid's guide. Enabled by beacons it creates real world contextual experiences.
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For a better understanding, watch the additional video with a deeper explanation of how the guide will be visualized.

Max, 5 years old, diagnosed with epilepsy has to go for one of his routine checks with his mom. Max hates the experience of going in for the brain scans. It is not just one waiting room, but multiple.

As he enters the hospital this day, his mom uses his medical card to log in on a touch screen. When the beacon sticker is printed, Max quickly grabs it and hold on to it. As he looks up, he sees the monkey being summoned on the wall. The monkey greets Max and tells him everything will be fine.

It points Max in the direction towards the reception and follows him there. Max is awed and follows without any questioning. When they get to the reception, the mom fills out the paperwork while Max is being entertained by the monkey on the wall.

As they move towards the waiting room and pass by the nonplaces, the monkey goes through obstacles but creates a coherent coordinated process between the troublesome transitions.

As they arrive at the waiting area, the monkey will jump into a screen and give Max & his mom personalized information about how much waiting time there is, and more information about epilepsy.

Ending notes
This might seem like a crazy idea to begin with. But all breakthrough ideas are crazy at first read. Everyone are looking for experiences that go beyond the apps and screens. This creates real life contextual experiences that can be personalized and create real value. It can be added to all age groups and diseases.

The beacon and projection technology is at a point where it is cheap and possible to implement this idea. The creative visualization techniques are made for this to happen. The algorithms are ready to create the personalized experiences. This is the right time to implement this idea. The projections and beacons are being used for commercial and entertaining purposes, now it is time to give it the real usability.

It creates a wow experience at the moment of truth interactions. It takes advantage of the waiting experience opportunity and gives meaningful activities.

This is definitely a part of the worlds best children hospital. It is designed for everyday life and will make the patient forget about all worries. It is coherent with the see me, ask me, let me guidelines. It definitely enriches "The Good Journey" for the patient.
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
The idea can be implemented in various forms, but it needs a projection element and a beacon element.

Projection element
- It can either be dynamic projectors that can show avatar on all walls.
- Or just screens that show the avatar when the patient gets nearer.

Beacon element
- It can either be stickers
- Or just the beacons in your phone:

It can be personalized with your phone information or medical records. It can be made interactive with a phone. It can be done with multiple mini projectors. It can create better usage of non places where patients seek identity. It can be made more playful or more informative. Endless possibilities.

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