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What's the point in owning the patents if we're expected...

What's the point in owning the patents if we're expected to grant royalty-free use of the patents? The agreement states that if we become finalists by notification of a potential award, that we must then automatically agree to commercial use of the technology or its derivatives. Will these commercial products also be free? Of course not. This amounts to a fishing expedition for desperate companies without much to protect.
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Kyla Jeffrey
HeroX team
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Hi Jonathan - Thanks for your question! The intellectual property of winning submissions will be shared, as outlined in the legal agreement. In exchange, you will receive a prize valued up to $100,000 USD. Beyond the monetary award, the greatest value you will receive is your inside view of creating an XPRIZE incentivized prize competition, alongside some of the best prize development experts in the world. If selected as an XPRIZE competition,* you will help drive a world-changing discovery or invention. Please let me know if you have any other questions related to intellectual property, or otherwise!

Alan Kindree
@Jonathan Gael
I agree!
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