The HeroX Writers’ Draft

Do you have something to say about crowdsourcing? We want to hear it, and we can be your platform to share your writing globally.

Challenge Overview

Are you intrigued by what we do at HeroX?  Do you want to share your thoughts about crowdsourcing or open innovation in general?  At HeroX, we connect you to the global community of crowdsourcing opportunities.  We host and aggregate challenges from around the world at our platform.  We’re looking for talented, fearless, and curious writers to join our Writers’ Bench.  


The HeroX Writers’ Bench is a core group of writers that contributes content to our blog and other relevant content to both HeroX.com and our partner sites.  The HeroX community is diverse in every sense of the word: our crowd comes from every corner of the globe, all stages of life - from student to retiree, and with expertise from every discipline and industrial sector imaginable.  


We want our blog and other content to reflect that richness and to bring forth different perspectives on crowdsourcing and related topics, while at the same time speaking from a voice that echoes the HeroX Core Values.  Among other things, we believe in constant learning and growth, in having the courage of our convictions, and in staying positive.


In this challenge, we will award a total prize purse of $2500 to participants who offer a diverse perspective and a distinctive voice.  Winners will be asked to write blog entries on topics selected from the provided list.  In addition to receiving a prize and having their blog posted at HeroX, winners will have the opportunity to join the HeroX Writers Bench as a regular, paid Contributor to the HeroX blog.

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