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Heat build-up resistant seat material for 2 wheelers

Innovative heat resistant seat materials which don't heat up if the bike is parked under the sun in high ambient temperatures (45-50 deg C)

This challenge is closed


This challenge is closed


Brief Description: Two wheelers (bike & scooter), when parked under the sun gets heated up to high temperatures (around 85~90°C), and becomes unbearably hot for the user to sit on the vehicle. The normally used black seat cover of the two wheeler also adds to the woes by absorbing the heat. The rider produces excessive sweat in the groin region, which cannot be wiped immediately and thus causing skin rashes and other related infections. The discomfort may compromise the safety of the rider due to poor concentration on riding, poor sitting posture etc. To develop seat leather/seating material which does not rise in temperature under extreme hot weather condition.

In this challenge, Solution Provider need to submit a solution which ensures/enlists:

  1. Flexible seating material for motorcycle and scooters.

  2. Temperature observed at the seat surface after at least 01 hour soaking in hot ambient condition (Ideal temp. 45°C, RH 40% and wind velocity < 5 kmph) must be 50°C max.

  3. The fabric backing material must qualify ASTM D 3690-02 grade A.

  4. Backing material special properties (In addition to ASTM D 3690-02 )

    • Tensile strength 70 N/cm (min.) wale and 40 N/cm (min.) course.

    • Tear strength 25 N (min.) wale and 23 N course (min.).

    • Volatile loss 3% max.

    • Elongation at break 200% (min.) course

  5. The seating material must qualify ASTM D 7869 (Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure Test with Enhanced Light and Water Exposure for Transportation Coatings) minimum 25 cycles of Testing.

  6. ASTM D 4803 may be referred to predict heat build-up in the seating material at lab condition.

  7. Detailed material specification will be finalized based on mutual agreement once the Solution Provider produces the material meeting all the requirements as stated in item 1 to 6 above.

  8. Technical details of the invention/product/material.

  9. Environmental impact of the product (Formulation from the Solution Provider).

NB: If the provided Solution is a unique solution and can be patented then Prize Money is $35000 while if the solution is an existing one hence non-patentable then, Prize Money is $5000.


Please mail all your correspondences and prototype/ physical samples as per below details:

Mr. Shashank Tripathi

PLOT NO. SPL-1 , RIICO Industrial Area

Phase 2

Kukas, Jaipur (302028)

Rajasthan, India