FASEB BioArt Award 2022

To celebrate and share the beauty and wonder of biological research.

Challenge Overview

FASEB's BioArt Awards are presented annually to honor original, visually stunning photographs, illustrations, data visualizations, or videos that effectively communicate an important aspect of 21st Century biological research.

FASEB seeks visually compelling images or videos produced during biological/biomedical science research activities (e.g., electron microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, medical/anatomical illustrations, x-ray crystallography, MRI, histology, gel electrophoresis, data visualizations, structural and pathway illustrations, etc.).

FASEB will award $500 each to four winning images and videos across four categories: 

  1. Fluorescence or electron microscopy
  2. Short video
  3. Other life science images
  4. Trainee / Early-career (open to graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and researchers within 7 years of first independent scientist position)

Challenge Guidelines

  1. Entries may be submitted by an individual or a group
  2. One entry per category allowed per submitter or group.
  3. Entries must be original creations by the submitter(s) and not published elsewhere
  4. The submitter(s) must hold the copyright of the submitted image. FASEB and partnering organizations are not responsible for legal claims related to the improper submission of works belonging to other individuals or organizations
  5. Entries must relate to biological / biomedical science research
  6. Images and videos must not be of a patient or human research subject, but may be of human cells
  7. Images, illustrations, or videos advertising or marketing specific companies or commercial products are ineligible
  8. All entrants grant FASEB and partnering organizations the ability to modify entries for future use and display, and also nonexclusive web and print publication rights, while retaining copyright
  9. Award selection is at the sole discretion of FASEB. All decisions by FASEB are final
  10. Submission of an image or video indicates that an entrant agrees to all BioArt terms and conditions listed above