Ovidiu Dobre
July 25, 2016
11:09 a.m. PDT

Please provide examples of fact-checking


Given the broad spectrum of fact-checking (ranging from claims, events, news, statistical facts, surveys, etc. etc.), I would like to kindly ask you to provide a set of examples you find important the solution will be able to check, so to better understand the scope of this quest and to focus on what would be considered important to have as part of final solution.

Thank you in advance.
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Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
July 25, 2016
4 p.m. PDT
@Ovidiu Dobre
Hi Ovidiu,

Thanks for your question! Claims will have been made/stated by either U.S. politicians or public figures.

The Challenge Guidelines include a (non-exhaustive) list of different types of fact-checking claims that could be used in testing (https://herox.com/factcheck/guidelines). I've copied that list below for you.

• Verify the person making a statement or claim
• Determine worthiness of fact checking
• Identify all parts or elements of the claim
• Distinguish between an opinion and a claim
• Check a written claim
• Check the same claim made by different people
• Check a new claim (vs. prior claim)
• Check a video/spoken claim
• Check a misleading claim

Best of luck! And please do reach out with absolutely any other questions.

-- Kyla

Ovidiu Dobre
July 29, 2016
7:16 a.m. PDT
Thank you Kyla, this is great.

So now, it will be more helpful to have a concrete example attached on each line of the list.

In addition, I would like to ask these questions below:

"Verify the person making a statement or claim"
What kind of person verification is implied here?

"Determine worthiness of fact checking"
On what criteria to establish this?

"Check the same claim made by different people"
How does it matter if the claim if made by different people?

"Check a new claim (vs. prior claim)"
What are "new" and "prior" referring to?

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