This is the announcement you've been waiting for.

I am pleased to introduce the three teams whose ground-breaking technology is pushing the field of automated fact checking forward.  These teams will be competing in a real time Fact Checking race over the next four weeks to make automated, faster fact checking a reality.

I encourage you to comment on this post and say hello to the teams entering the race. You can also show your support for the cause by sharing on social media and with your network.

Team Sheffield Uni:

We propose to apply state-of-the-art question answering techniques that are able to generate the semantic parse of a claim. We focus on methods that can learn semantic parsers with limited training data so that our approach can be extended to different domains quickly. We plan on taking a novel step to adapt these to construct questions about the claim to be checked, and - using a knowledge base - assess its truthfulness.

Team ClaimBuster

Fact-checking is now a household terminology. The amount of information to be fact-checked is beyond the capability of fact-checkers. ClaimBuster will substantially improve their efficacy. Given a factual claim, it analyzes the claim, collects relevant evidence from multiple sources, and generates justifications to help fact-checkers produce a true/false rating for the claim. ClaimBuster is making strides toward our quest for the ”Holy Grail” – an automated, instant fact-checking machine.

Innovator Ovidiu Dobre

Our solution leverages current AI technologies available for Natural Language Processing, Audio, Video and Image-Based Text Recognition An integrated web-based platform for fact-checking, leveraging latest AI & cloud computing technologies available.