Sept. 21, 2020
7:16 a.m. PDT

The rules got re-written, correct?

The rules got re-written, correct?
From ALL submissions' IP being retained by sponsor (as it was in August 2020... and maybe part of Sept ) to the more recent (when??) re-written line about winning entries, i.e. "Any intellectual property within the winning entries to this contest will be owned by the challenge sponsor."

If rules can change with just an edit, should potential solvers like me have to worry about them changing again? Thanks.
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Broad Learnings moderator
Sept. 21, 2020
7:44 a.m. PDT
I will refer you to Herox support about the details of how IP works on on this platform. Per our understanding and counsel received from the platform, the sponsor retains IP only for the winning entries. This is not a new rule.

As for the future, we do not plan on changing any rules but we are perfectly within our right to do so. Please contact Herox platform support for more information on contest rules.
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