Mitul Sarkar

The whole K12 continuum?

"Since we are covering K12, we are looking to cover well-understood domains."
You are looking for ideas that shall be relevant from K through 12, i.e. across the whole K12 continuum?
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Broad Learnings

Thanks for your question. Yes, anything that covers K12 wholly is within the scope of the contest. Examples could be coordinate geometry in mathematics or Krebs cycle in biology.

We are limiting ourselves to well-understood domains in the sense that at the K12 level, the curriculum contains topics and course material that are well-understood and established in the field. Contrast this to generation of new knowledge, something that is often the goal of research in higher education but is out of scope for this contest.
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Mitul Sarkar
Is there a plan to provide a breakdown of the awards?
Are there categories, or grade levels, or subjects?

Given the stress on wireframes, sketches, pseudo-code and also the mention "Any intellectual property generated by the entries submitted to this contest will be owned by the challenge sponsor" one has to wonder about whether the awards are proportionate to the labors :-)

Broad Learnings

The awards will be made according to the judging criteria provided. Grade levels or subjects are not criteria that will be used for awards.

We suggest contestants pick the most general problem on which they can make their best effort and submit a quality entry. Even if it is one particular subject or is limited to one level (early/middle/high school) or some other category, the entry can win.

We are definitely not looking for one single idea that would solve the entire problem of K12 education; instead, we are looking for practical and innovative solutions that work well in a defined domain.

We do need the method to be reduced to a prototype in 6 months and so need the details mentioned to evaluate that. If this contest is successful, we might want to partner with some selected participants to move further for prototyping stage.

As noted, the intellectual property of the winning entries will be retained by the sponsors. Only individual contests can make a determination of effort vs reward. However, we must mention that this contest is targeting well-defined ideas for a very worthy cause. The results can potentially benefit millions of learners who do not have access to quality education.
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Nishita Thakur
So i have already submitted by idea but i am having a question, are you looking for a idea or an application's source code. And i am 13.5 years old, and from india, so am i elegible to participate?
PS. Please look into the video i made, as my idea is fully elaborated there😊
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