Kito / Domogo Entrepreneurship Challenge

​Investments which empower young Kenyan entrepreneurs to create business opportunities within their community. Read Overview...

Domogo ​Investments which empower young Kenyan entrepreneurs ( Trained in Kito International ) to create business opportunities within their community.

The Problem

Domogo’s Vision is to “Eradicate homelessness through cyclical opportunities”.

Although there are many causes of global homelessness, overwhelmingly, poverty, due to lack of opportunity, is the leading cause.

The Challenge

Our corporate Mission is “To create “home” in every encounter”. To us “home” provides:

  • Voice
  • Dignity
  • Warmth
  • Stability

Domogo seeks to invest seed capital into 2 business concepts that not only create opportunity for their founders but also create “home” for others in their community.

How to Win the Challenge

The winning concepts will be the two ideas that present the best probability in completing the following objectives:

  1. Produce profit
  2. Create “home” for others in the founders’ communities
  3. Can easily be replicated or expanded

There are no rules regarding what content must be included in the contest entry, however, entries that are detailed enough to sufficiently show viability are likely to receive higher scores. 

Remember, we are not just looking at the concept but also the entrepreneur. The quality of your presentation is the only representation of you we have by which to judge you as an entrepreneur.


This challenge will last for 25 days.

What You Can Do To Cause A Breakthrough

Additional Rules

While competition winners will own the copyright to their concepts, the competition award is an investment into the company not a prize. 

By entering, winners are agreeing to 15% of profit for the lifetime of the business being shared to Kito International which will be used for two purposes: 

  • 2/3 of the 15% will be used by Kito International for ongoing costs of training future entrepreneurs
  • 1/3 of the 15% will be held by Kito International for the purpose of funding future Domogo entrepreneur competitions for Kito graduates. 

Who Can Participate:

The competition is open only to those who have participated or are participating in Kito International youth entrepreneurship training. 

Selection of Winner:

The winners will be the 2 entries with the highest final score. The final score will be an average of the judges' individual scores added to the number of crowd votes an entry receives.

  • If Judge 1 Scores 67
  • If Judge 2 Scores 72
  • If Judge 3 Scores 54
  • If Judge 4 Scores 65
  • The Judges' Score ( 67 + 72 + 54 + 65 ) / 4 = 64.5
  • Crowd Votes = 16
  • Final Score 64.5 + 16 = 80.5

There will likely be more than 4 judges scoring your entry but the final number of judges has yet to be determined.


All votes are subject to review. Any competitor using unfair methods to solicit votes will be automatically disqualified from the challenge. e.g. registering multiple accounts under 1 individual

Challenge Guidelines are subject to change. Registered competitors will receive notification when changes are made, however, we highly encourage you to visit the Challenge Site often to review updates.

More on Kito International: 

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