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Let’s face it, the education system (especially in the U.S.) could use some help. Overcrowded classrooms, the high cost of attending university and...
Are you ready to make a significant difference in the course of history? All it takes is a challenge.
"Eating our own dogfood" is something this company tries to do as much of as possible. At best, it sounds like we've got a dog blogging for us now ...
Meet the four innovators who are trying to change the world for the better with their XPRIZE 2017 Grand Challenges.
The Value of Moving Fast and Breaking Things
March 24, 2017, 10:12 a.m. PDT

by Nick
If you're a HeroX competitor but you're not making use of the challenge forum, you're missing out!
Scarcity-based thinking can affect us all at times, no matter who we are. And when we obsess over what we don't have, the effects aren't usually good.
What can you do to maximize your chances of success in your chosen field? The answer is straightforward, but that doesn't make it easy.
The person you are now - is it who you want to be tomorrow? Anyone can become a better version of themselves, but it won't happen overnight.
What's it like to be a cultural innovator? Check out our interview with Mevan Babakar of the Fast & Furious Fact Check Challenge to find out!

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