Petr Mík

shadow generators

I would like to inform you that I propose to use shadow generators to obtain electricity in space. I think that shielding generators could be used, for example, already on the Moon Base. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Rohan Majji
Unique concept, I've just gone through the white paper. Never knew one existed until I saw your idea.

Petr Mík
@Roman Majji

Thank you and have a nice day.

Afurahå Brehånn
Wonderful idea!
🌹☯️♻️🥀 Albedo Fuel! Love it!♾🐝🌱🌹
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Petr Mík
@Afurahå Brehånn
Thank you.

Afurahå Brehånn
@Petr Mík
Welcome brother. How's progress?
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Manuel Luque Casanave
Good idea using shadow generators. It has been tested in National University of Sinagapore . The contrast in illumination induces a voltage difference between the shadow and illuminated sections, resulting in an electric current.
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