Welcome everyone!

Our team is very excited to begin working on the 2023 Latin American Space Challenge.  This will be the largest and most exciting event we've ever attempted, including the first time using the HeroX Platform!

As a reminder to everyone, the Latin American Space Challenge is an open competition. This means we will be accepting group of student members, non-students members (i.e. enthusiasts, researchers, startup teams, amateurs and hobbyists) or mixed.

However, Teams consisted only by students members who were matriculated in high school, undergraduate or graduate students (i.e., Masters or Doctoral students) during the previous academic year (e.g., former students who graduated shortly before the competition remain eligible) from one or more academic institutions (e.g. "joint teams" are eligible) may receive bonus points in addition to their total score.

Register your Team in the 2023 LASC!