Nov. 25, 2020
3:06 a.m. PST

Not sure that this is enough ...

I tried to assess the impact of the actions that I could implement in order to reduce my impact on greenhouse gas emissions ... and it is very low!
My main contribution is the fact that I have (and will) not have children.
If I take away my main hobby, which is motorcycling, I end up with a very miserable and boring life. This would probably not have been the case if we still lived in a subsistence society where our meals depended directly on the work that we provide (no time to be bored!).
I just read an article in French that crosses my feelings on this subject.
extract: "It is also one of the great difficulties of the ecology of small individual gestures, the level of income remains by far the best predictor of the ecological footprint, ecological awareness where most individual actions have only one impact. minor today. On the other hand, the individualization of the calculation of emissions or of the ecological footprint also has limits: a large part depends on an economic and political system over which the individual has only very limited power, especially large companies and energy. And be careful not to use it to depoliticize the problem."
If I can sum it up like this, I would say "small steps for small impacts, but that's it already!"
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