Scout Innovation Design Challenge

Scout Innovation Design Challenge

The Capitol Area Council is challenging *you* to think of a mobile app idea that will address one of the major issues in the world today. Read Overview...


Tomorrow’s leaders must understand how to program computers and other smart devices. Even if you don't become a programmer, many future jobs will involve digital skills and technology. The Boy Scouts of America partnered with Code.org to introduce ways of using technology that contribute to Scouting values. 

Through the Scout Innovation Design Challenge, you will learn what is required to create an innovative solution and how to invent, innovate and implement an idea that improves your community.  

The Scout Innovation Design Challenge allows you to: 

  • Use creative strategies to develop solutions that focus on a UN Sustainable Goal
  • Understand what it means to create value and how it is measured 
  • Learn how to effect change through risk-taking 
  • Practice failing quickly and to view failure as growth 
  • Use a computer science and/or a Maker strategy to develop a project 
  • Assess and modify the project through testing 
  • Present their project and findings to their community 



Game-based learning introduces Scouts and Explorers to the basic building blocks of coding. Youth are challenged to think of an idea for an app that helps solve a UN Sustainable Development problem. Youth may submit their idea to the BSA Innovation Design Challenge for a chance to win $2,000 for their unit. 

Code.org introduces coding to youth across the world, providing free and easy activities that can be delivered by leaders at the unit level. Youth may join the Saturday, December 8, event at Austin Community College Highland Campus to kick off the Innovation Design Challenge. 

What You Can Do Right Now 

  • Click ACCEPT CHALLENGE above to sign up for the challenge. 
  • Read the Challenge Guidelines to learn about the requirements and rules. 
  • Review the Resources Tab for additional information and help with your app. 
  • Mark your calendar for the submission deadline of February 15th at 11:59 pm CST.


Community 25
GLSR Wildlife classification
Using deep learning, based on a customized trained convolutional neural network, analyzing and auto-classifying pictures by species.
by Crew 1010's team
RightBin - The Trash Sorting App
Recycle or Trash? Not sure? Just click a pic with RightBin to instantly find out if something is trash, recycle or compost. Earn points too!
by Satish Raj's team
Braving the Forest
This app is designed to teach about the dangers that you could encounter in nature, and how to treat nature when you would encounter.
by Jessica Steen
erosion comparison
This app aims to show the effects of erosion by showing picture over others over time.
by Jon Steen
Daily Health Tips
This is an app that allows people to view a different tip every time they open the app.
by Angie L.'s team
LPSR Life on Land and Below Water
This application inventories the species found on the Lost Pines Scout Reservation, on land and below water.
by Scoutmaster 1010
Catch some trash
It is an app which motivates us to save Nature and helps you track what you have done, and do more for our community and the world.
by raga gunnia
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