Morten Nielsen
June 21, 2020
6:43 a.m. PDT


Are there any heavy mineral sand deposits with prohibiting amounts of slime? And in that case, how would a submission be evaluated: the webinar mentioned that samples from the Jangamo district will be used to evaluate the solutions, and it has very little slime.
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Nonkululeko Buthelezi moderator
June 22, 2020
6 a.m. PDT
Hi Morten, the data given is an average across the area and various lithological units. There are areas and units within Mutamba with elevated slimes (up to ~7-8 %). For other deposits like RBM, the slimes content can be higher. It will be a great advantage to design a solution that can handle slimes (>8 %) since our current dredging mining method suffers with elevated slimes
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