Want to work at HeroX? Level II

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Work with HeroX!

Welcome to the Next Level
Congratulations! We reviewed your video, liked what we saw, and here you are! It's one small step for right now, but a giant leap into a world of possibility.

Great! Now What?
Glad you asked. We like you, so there's that. But now we'd like to get a better picture of who you are as a person. To that end, we have a few written questions for you on the submission form. Please answer the questions thoughtfully and be sure to upload a PDF version of your current resume.

And Then?
If you're selected to move forward, someone from the HeroX team will reach out to you directly to schedule a teleconference call so we can meet you "in person." The rest of the process will be explained from there...but don't worry, it'll be a painless one. :)

The Method Behind the Madness
What sets HeroX apart from a lot of organizations is that we put company culture above all else. Maybe you've heard that line before, but as any team member can tell you, we live by it. So before we even consider what kind of role someone fits into, we want to really get to know them: what inspires, what irks, the success stories, the devastating failures, and (most importantly) their most audacious dreams. So go ahead and lay it on thick. 


We're always looking for A-players to join our team, whether or not you're a candidate for our current openings. We might just be able to co-create your perfect role with HeroX. 

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Sept. 22, 2017, 1:11 p.m. PDT
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