Kris Bravo

Lessons Learned

Thank you again for offering this challenge.

Overall, I feel the competition period, ongoing updates, webinars have been well executed. I do have some recommendations for future challenges.

1) Don’t be afraid to extend the judging period more than once, so the panel has time to review each submission carefully. An alternate approach is to announce the award date quarter first, then the final award date after 50-75% through the reviews.
2) Reinforce the judging panel with global participants so that non-north american entries are represented among the winners.
3) Include a clarification period where submitters can clear up misinterpretations about the entry. Allow for one additional attachment to support the clarification, 1 page.
4) Be transparent about the final scores so the challenge submitters have solid feedback on where to focus on improvements, and to what extent their ideas were deemed off-the-mark.

Of these number 3 seems to be the most critical. In reviewing the judges comments there were 5 (!) gaps in understanding between my writeup and the review. Number 2 might be more critical for international submitters.

Finally, number 4 would still be very powerful, as we move forward with our ideas. Even if it is "... one that is unlikely to find broad support". ;)

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