I was not an entrant, so I have no personal opinion on selection criteria, but I did notice something concerning in results of this challenge.

First Place AZ is clearly a well organized venture with a lovely website. On that website, in fact, one reads about how residents attend the transitional academy for support services. The monthly tuition for that academy is $3,200 and it looks like residents will attend for several hours daily. That seems like a program that ought to have been in the daily category, not the weekly support category. No parent would spend $3,200 a month on a transitional academy that provides 'weekly support services'.

In addition to the monthly academy tuition, each unit is $3,200 per month.

So the grand total for parents is over $6k per month. This program looks well run and well researched but it clearly should have been in the weekly support category (not to mention better assessed on 'replication'...$6k per month replicates to wealthy folks and that is about it).