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I am retired engr with idea for sediment removal.

It is a siphon with telescopic outfall.

Currently siphon NOW have cavitation issues that limit their use and suction capacity.

As head on pond rises the siphon risks cavitation IF total pipe length of water lift plus drop hits 33.9 ft.

That is amount or height of water supported by air at sea level. This creates the pressure at pipe apex.
When you use up total head available... pressure gets top zero at apex.

Now siphons can NOT get max available head lift with low head on pond... if they do when pond head rises cavitation occurs.

The telescopic outfall pipe mirrors the pond level and thus prevents cavitation. Thus you can get great lift/suction at LOW pond head w/o risk of cavitation.

Am looking for university and/or pipe firm to team with to explore this idea.

Have small scale working model. Lowes and H Depot sell extendable pipe repair products.. small pvc diameters..... that can function as telescopic outfall.

Are there any universities or pipe firms that have active sediment removal projects and would be interested in siphons with telescopic outfalls?

Dam releases that NOW release only clear supernatant water can remove slurries... and lots of sediment.

Robotic sweepers can clear lots of sediment. Siphons can lift from very deep areas... see wiki article on siphons. The 33.9 limit is for water lift pluys drop....

thanx, john collins 407 322 3429
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Hi John,

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