Today, Reclamation announced the D-Sediment Team as the winner of the Guardians of the Reservoir Challenge at the Finalist Showcase.

The D-Sediment team developed the SediMover technology as an autonomous vessel for efficient 24/7 sediment transfer from reservoirs. The patented and scalable, modular technology can be used for downstream river sediment continuity or sediment land processing. There are generally no limits in control, transfer range, and scope. The transfer is measured constantly onboard and is documented. The D-Sediment team has been active in sediment consulting and removal systems for several years. 

The two other finalists were presented with awards for their accomplishments in the challenge:

  • Innovation Award presented to Mazdak International Inc: Mazdak International developed the slurry pulsejet jet, a new concept for removing sediments at great depth in reservoirs at depth from 50 to
    300 ft. The slurry pulsejet engine operates on the principle of an internal combustion liquid piston engine. A mixture of sediments and water forms a liquid piston that is pumped directly by the detonation of air and fuel. The air is supplied by a compressor on a barge. The fuel is supplied from the barge or can be obtained by collecting methane emissions at the reservoir.
  • Versatility Award presented to the 3D Dredger Team: The 3D Dredger (3DD) team is developing a fully autonomous dredging system designed to handle sediment and larger debris using three dredging attachments. The system is designed for deployment in any environment, without impacting operation or recreation. The 3DD team consists of inventors at Hydro Maintenance Service and their U.S. partner Prometheus Innovations, LLC. The team is represented by Bartolomeo Mongiardino, Nicholas LaBry, and Kenneth LaBry.

Congratulations once again to our Phase 3 awardees!