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Livable Smart Cities powered by Deutsche Telekom

Livable Smart Cities powered by Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom invites you to help make cities more livable for everyone.
Winners attend Deutsche Telekom's Innovation Day.

Challenge Overview

Deutsche Telekom challenges innovators to be creative and invent digital services that make smart cities more livable for everyone.

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. How will cities supply these populations with basic resources like safe food, clean water, and sufficient energy, while also ensuring overall economic, social and environmental sustainability?

The convergence of smart devices with big data and the internet of things offers an opportunity for cities to reimagine how they provide municipal services to growing populations. Sensors and smart city infrastructure can provide information about the local municipality, easy access to public transportation, intuitive navigation aids, and user-friendly tools for civic participation. Vast amounts of information on virtually any topic are now accessible, at any time, through personal devices.

How can digital technologies and sensor data make cities more livable for their citizens, especially those that are disadvantaged? Such users include those:

  • Who are newcomers to an area (unfamiliar with local terrain or not fluent in the local language)
  • Who have small children (navigating public transportation, learning about available services)
  • Who struggle with digital literacy (elderly, learning disabled)
  • Who are blind, deaf, or physically handicapped
  • Who are elderly -  as the population ages, more and more people will experience reduced mobility, diminished hearing, and loss of visual acuity. 

Possible services that could be addressed are as varied as:

  • Navigation services
    • That guide a user to his/her destination in the best way, taking into account current conditions, user handicaps, and public transportation options
    • That identifies nearest available parking spaces, both commercial and municipal
  • Accessibility to municipal information and services
    • By identifying and aggregating the correct sources of information
    • By providing instant translations into other languages or other formats (read aloud, infographic, etc.)
  • Services that enable people to live independently
    • By creating an AI-like interface to more intuitively connect people to digital services
    • By linking home sensors to municipal services for emergencies, utility disruptions, etc.

Proposed solutions should have supporting evidence and/or a strong rationale for their validity.  Approaches that can be demonstrated are of particular interest, but ideas are welcomed too.  A prize purse of $25,000USD will be shared among the top innovators.  Winners will travel to Germany to present their solutions at Deutsche Telekom’s annual Innovation Day forum in September 2018.  This exciting opportunity will introduce the winners to the broader technical community within Deutsche Telekom.  Additionally, winners may be invited to develop their solution with Deutsche Telekom’s engineering team.


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